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Note: to obtain the components given just below, go directly to the Hardware Index and appear up the component by-name. A link will take one to the description and part quantity. The cost is seemed up on the Price checklist, by component number. There are links to the Index and Price List at the bottom of each page.


When you're for this material constantly, you forget "v-drive" just isn't a household word. Serveral ships within our catalog are v-drive ships... meaning they've a rear-mounted inboard engine, with a standard prop shaft. Obviously, for those who have the motor at the back together with shaft leaving the ship ahead, there needs to be one thing between. That something is a torque pipe (drive range) and a gear package that changes the course of the energy. That equipment package is a v-drive, so called, while there is an angle between your centerline of input and production shafts. That angle is normally 10 or 12 degrees.

Since many ski or speed ships under 20' are hurting for room and perform much better with less weight, they do not make use of a transmission. Because of this, v-drives can be found with forward just; forward and neutral; or forward, neutral, and reverse; with various gear ratios.

So why place the engine within the back, but all this extra hardware? Performance! Our Tornado and Thunderbolt designs are now being raced at rates over 100 miles per hour. Center mounted motor ships usually peak call at the 60 to 70 mph range.

Hardware "what's-its" for inboard installments

If you're new to inboard installments, the selection of the correct components is usually difficult. When it comes to novice, we advise our guide, "INBOARD ENGINE INSTALLATIONS".

Here is a description of the numerous parts and their function in an inboard watercraft. Relate to the "V-Drive Installation" sketch above to look for the located area of the parts given below. Although the sketch depicts a v-drive installation, an immediate in-line drive would-be similar from v-drive aft.

# 1. QUADRANT or CUSTOM TILLER. A quadrant is required whenever cable kind steering is employed. The custom tiller is needed whenever single push-pull cable steering is used.

#2. RUDDER POST BRACKET. The rudder post bracket supports the top of portion of the rudder. To stop the rudder from falling through bottom regarding the motorboat, a safety collar is employed on the rudder over the rudder post bracket.

#3. RUDDER STUFFING BOX. A rudder stuffing-box stops water from going into the motorboat through the rudder shaft opening. A lot of different seals or packing glands may be used. You need to utilize the same kind for rudder as for the shaft sign . The packing-type gland can be repacked as the shaft is in the motorboat. The seal-type requires your shaft be eliminated to displace the plastic Neoprene seal.

no. 4. RUDDER STUFFING BOX PLATE. The rudder stuffing box dish goes on the outside associated with the ship. Its recommended and sometimes not utilized on the quicker ships. It will offer an excellent bolting and bearing when it comes to bottom part of the rudder stuffing box.

#5. RUDDER. Rudders of varying shape and size are detailed to match nearly every small-boat. Rudder Shafts (1" or 1 1/8") should be matched toward rudder stuffing box, collar, and rudder post bracket.

#6. STRUT. Struts can be found in different angles and drops to match your installation. Drop is the distance vertically from the base of the strut to the centerline of the strut bearing on the aft end of the strut. 2 kinds of bearings are available for some struts. The Aqua-Lube is a fabric kind bearing. The BJ is a rubber-type bearing and it is recommended whenever watercraft will be utilized in silty oceans. Strut bearings are replaceable.

#8. FIN. The CUSTOM "V" FIN features a vee inside base to suit the vee when you look at the base of many ships. The STREAMLINE FIN has actually an appartment base and it is typically intended for smaller ships. The two larger fins are used because of the highest speed inboard ships.

#9. SHAFT LOG. The shaft log prevents water from coming into the boat through shaft hole within the base associated with motorboat. Shaft logs can be purchased in varying perspectives to match the shaft or strut angularity. Reference (RUDDER STUFFING BOX) for information as to the types of packaging gland.

#10. PROP SHAFT. Shafts appear in standard lengths as noted. Shafts is slashed to virtually any desired size and keyed regarding the operating end without additional expense. As one example, we are able to reduce a shaft 63" therefore pay money for a 5'6" length. Overall length can be determined by measuring from the coupling in the boat to the aft end of the strut, and adding 5" for 1" shaft, 6" for 1 1/8" shaft. Some skiing boats utilize a shaft that's tapered on both ends. The prop end is...

#11. PROPELLERS. For many around usage, the three-blade conventional-type propeller is generally used. Direction of rotation must be specified. Direction of rotation associated with prop can be as viewed from the back for the ship looking forward-left hand counterclockwise; right hand clockwise. All propellers tend to be intended to fit our propeller shafts while having standard 1" tapers.

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