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Propylene glycol is a safer option

The chemical in antifreeze that resists freezing is either ethylene glycol (EG) or propanediol (PG). Ethylene glycol makes a good antifreeze/coolant, but it’s a poison that’s deadly to animals and wildlife and tends to make disposal problematic. Propanediol is odorless, tasteless, biodegradable, and nontoxic. Even though it is a little more costly to create, it provides a combination of security and effectiveness we feel helps it be an exceptional option for marine usage.

Antifreeze programs

The primary applications for antifreeze include winterization of potable water systems, sanitation methods, non-running machines and ac units. In addition to providing protection against freeze damage, some antifreeze can also be used as a coolant for running engines.

  • Potable (consuming) liquid systems require an entirely non-toxic antifreeze that features no harsh chemicals. Our Pure Oceans system and liquid program Antifreezes are perfect.
  • Boats laid up when it comes to cold weather need freeze and corrosion security because of their engine’s cooling system, however they don’t need the stabilizing chemical compounds that combat the break down of anti-corrosion additives at large working conditions. For cold weather lay-up, our Pure Oceans system and Water System Antifreezes are developed to present safe, effective protection for non-running (kept) machines.
  • Because slightly less expensive, some boaters would rather use our Seafit brand name -50°F aquatic and RV Water System Antifreeze, which can be a propylene glycol/alcohol combination. It is fine for potable water and sanitation methods, it is not advised for winter season engine storage, since a number of the alcohol can evaporate, leading to reduced defense towards end of cold temperatures layup.
  • contains an additive package that stops deterioration and antifreeze breakdown at high running conditions. This enables it to be employed for frost protection during the winter, and use as a coolant in the summer. As a result of additives it contains, it must never be utilized for winterization of potable water methods. There is it when you look at the system area of this website.

Freeze vs Burst Cover

The heat reviews (-50°F, -60°F, -100°F, etc.) that we associate with our antifreeze services and products denote the “burst point”, the heat of which a sealed copper pipe filled up with the undiluted item will burst. Burst things are a typical produced by the plumbing work industry inside 1930s to point the general energy of antifreeze.

The frost point could be the temperature from which ice crystals (slush) will start to develop when you look at the undiluted item. Slushing isn't harmful to engine or potable liquid methods.

For an expanded conversation of frost points vs burst things, and much more about western aquatic Antifreeze, click on the link at the bottom for this article.


It doesn't matter what kind of antifreeze you choose, make sure to stick to the manufacturer’s dilution proportion directions carefully. When purchasing antifreeze, you might be mainly spending money on ethylene or propylene glycol, the proportion which may differ from 25 to 95 percent. That’s why reduced temperature rated items are more expensive. Products which advertise defense to -50°F may require that you use the item full-strength, while other services and products can be diluted with water at a 3:1 proportion and supply similar -50°F defense. Shop very carefully and don't forget that cheapest is not always the best price!

Selection Chart for Seafit, Pure Oceans and Star brite Antifreeze

PG Percentage Burst Rating Freeze Rating
Seafit -50° Antifreeze 28per cent -50°F +14° to +18°F
Pure Oceans -50 30% +12° to +16°F
Natural Oceans -60 35% -60°F +7° to +10°F
Pure Oceans -100 60per cent -100°F -58° to -63°F
Star brite -200 96percent -200°F

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