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With Cray and Altair, designers possess computational systems they need to perform advanced subsea computational substance dynamics (CFD) evaluation with better rate, scalability and precision. With Altair’s AcuSolve CFD solver operating on Cray® XC30™ supercomputer systems, operators and designers accountable for riser system design and evaluation can increase component life, decrease uncertainty and enhance the overall security of the ultra-deep-water methods while still meeting their demanding development schedule.

Challenge: Predicting Riser Behavior to boost Efficiency and Lifespan


Subsea riser systems are conduits that properly transport hydrocarbon items from subsea wells and gear as much as fixed and floating frameworks operating from the sea surface, like semisubmersibles, spars, and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels.

Since the oil and gas industry has made advances in topside overall performance, drilling strategies, and subsea gear, riser methods have actually proceeded to increase in complexity. Into the harsh environment regarding the ultra-deep-water play, the security, reliability and performance for the riser system is of great value. In addition, the longevity of riser system has a primary affect total field performance, since price and downtime associated with replacement and repair are large. The dependability and fatigue life of the riser system is basically influenced by subsea currents plus the risers’ reaction to all of them; this response is mainly driven by vortex-induced vibration (VIV) and vortex-induced movement (VIM).

Though CFD simulations have been successfully employed by top level global oil & fuel companies to conduct minor analyses of risers and their particular VIV countermeasures, large scale numerical simulations of VIV and VIM are actually a challenge for some general-purpose CFD codes. In particular, due to the riser system’s large proportion of size to diameter (L/D), how many nodes required for a full-scale simulation has typically challenged the capability of numerous computational facilities and had been hence maybe not simple for real item development rounds.

To deal with these challenges, simulation software vendors like Altair and supercomputing providers like Cray have proceeded to advance their technology for scalable and practical simulations. As a result, designers are in possession of the ability to conduct these simulations successfully and still stay really in their system development routine.

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