454 performance parts for sale

454 Performance Parts

I have made some changes to this page after mastering a lot the hard method of program with my 1991 454SS task vehicle. After messing with my brothers 1992 454 TBI dually truck and now my 1991 TBI 454SS, I am going to say, I am not a big lover associated with the 91-95 GEN V huge block engine. However, they may be enhanced.

FUEL USEAGE. Constantly a huge problem with 454 TBI trucks. 90 and older is particularly bad which is mainly because of NO OVERDRIVE. There is nothing gonna help that gas mileage a lot more than overdrive. Whether you fall in a NV4500 5spd manual transmission or perhaps you have a 4L80E with a TCI EZ TCU transmission operator, overdrive is just solution to get those rpms low enough for reasonable fuel mileage. the other things, i would suggest for mileage is electric lover transformation that I have actually a dedicated web page for and a underdrive crank pulley to make those accessories 25percent slowly and that regained energy can go towards turning rubberized (tires). followers, pulley, fatigue and a towmaster processor chip modification, I think about the 2nd main changes to have fuel mileage from your 454 motor and can gain almost up to the overdrive.

Much like the other TBI and a lot of vehicles within period, the fatigue is terrible restrictive. the 1991 454SS that i've does at least have a true twin fatigue setup under it from factory which is why those vehicles made 20 more horsepower versus standard 454 plus the 1990 SS vehicles. So I suggest upgrading to twin 2.5″ fatigue. As for headers, you can if you prefer but at that energy degree your only going to offer yourself problems with exhaust leaks and burned plug wires. Therefore I are not likely to advise that. Today whenever you do open up that fatigue with true duals, you will need to explore doing a 3 line heated o2 sensor transformation to keep the o2 sensor good and hot so that it reads accurately and gives you much better gasoline mileage.

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