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High Performance Marine

"ICE" manages all electronic methods, including drive-by-wire throttle, closed-loop knock, closed loop emissions, up to speed Diagnostics, transmission / drive integration and dashboard.

160 Amp Alternator

The standard 160 amp alternator is one of the most effective alternators provided on superior marine motors.

26 Spline Prop Shaft

The standard 26 spline prop shaft is perfect for usage with commonly available "cleaver" propellers.

All Aluminum System

The Ilmor MV10 engine is a lightweight, all aluminum motor: 810 lbs (367 kg), including headers and all fluids.

All-Billet Tie-Bar Mount

The elegant, and useful, all-billet tie-bar mount was created and produced by Ilmor High-Performance.

Anti-Vapor Lock

The Ilmor Anti-Vapor Lock program materials vapor-free gas directly to the gasoline injectors for trouble-free starting (available on Gen IV machines only).

Carbon Fiber Accessory Covers

Custom created carbon dietary fiber accessory covers are available on all MV10 motors.

Coolant System

The closed oil and engine water cooling system provides maximum motor temperature control and maximum deterioration security.

Dry Sump Technology

Power loss is held to a complete minimum by usage of dry sump technology inside lower drive device and a torque splitting twin shaft system, providing the smallest underwater "bullet" shape feasible.

Dry-Sumped Transmission

The Ilmor dry-sumped transmission, designed to complement the "INDY®" Stern Drive, provides super-smooth forward and reverse moving, along with reasonable parasitic losses.

System Mounts

All MV10 motors are available with widely used motor supports as part of the standard bundle setup. Custom supports can be obtained as an upgrade.

EU-RCD Certified Strongest System

The MV10 725 is one of powerful gasoline motor certified because of the EU-RCD to be used in Europe.

Front Accessory Drive

Ilmor MV10 machines function a forward accessory drive with a serpentine auto-tensioning buckle system for general increased effectiveness and simplified serviceability.


The Ilmor "Indy®" Stern Drive package works with a number of high-performance marine motors, around no more than 800 HP.

"INDY®" high-performance stern drive

The uniquely designed Ilmor "INDY®" high-performance stern drive is the most efficient superior drive offered, and it is appropriate for all Ilmor MV10 machines.

Polished Aluminum Consumption

Polished aluminum consumption manifolds can be obtained on all Ilmor MV10 motors.

Polished Pulley System

The custom polished pulley system is present on all MV10 machines.

Power Steering

All Ilmor MV10 engines come standard with energy steering.

Six Readily Available Color Upgrades

All Ilmor MV10 engines come standard in Ilmor Red, with six offered additional color improvements. Personalized colors are also available upon demand.

Stainless Headers

Custom polished CMI stainless "sport-tube" headers standard on all Ilmor MV10 engines.

Better Gimbal Ring

The "INDY®" Stern Drive gimbal ring is exclusively fashioned with the largest steering and trim rams available on high end drives.

Ultra-Low Emissions

The Gen IV Ilmor MV10 motors have a 3-Star, Ultra-Low Emissions official certification from California-ARB. All Ilmor MV10 machines are EPA certified and EU-RCD certified.

8.4L Block

The Ilmor MV10 engine is the just V10 fuel marine motor available for superior sailing.

"INDY®" Stern Drive

Every Ilmor High-Performance aquatic engine and "INDY®" Stern Drive comes standard with a one-year minimal warranty, and a three-year emissions warranty.

Liquid Recovery

Ilmor Gen IV machines come standard utilizing the stylishly integrated, polished aluminum water recovery tank. In 2016, Ilmor stopped brand new production MV10 motors and “INDY Stern Drive methods.” But components, service, help and guarantee coverage continues to all current clients. For extra information, please contact Ilmor at 844-GO-ILMOR (464-5667).

Ilmor's Legacy Marine engines stand alone in overall performance, look, dependability and efficiency.

Ilmor first entered the high-performance Legacy aquatic globe in 2002 using MV10, an original motor in line with the spectacular V-10 powerplant found in the Dodge Viper. Over the following years, we of innovative marine engineers features continued making refinements and advancements to supply more horsepower and torque through the exact same lightweight package. In 2005, the MV10 625 was created, followed in 2006 because of the MV7-10.

In 2009, Ilmor launched the Generation IV MV10 650 and MV10 725 motors, that are certified with all California, EPA, and eu RCD emission regulations. These fuel-efficient machines tend to be cleaner, stronger, and created to operate in perfect unison because of the Ilmor "INDY®" Stern Drive and transmission system.

Ilmor has additionally expanded its competitive custom into powerboat race, winning World Championships both in the Powerboat P1 and APBA/SBI (USA) rushing show with manufacturing lovers like Fountain global and Chaudron Powerboats.

Standard Functions

  • Unique V-10 setup
  • All aluminum building
  • Light (810 lbs., [367 kg]), including headers and all sorts of liquids
  • Naturally-aspirated for higher performance
  • Shut oil and engine water cooling system – for optimum engine heat control and maximum deterioration defense
  • Personalized appearance package suited to all motors:
  • 5 custom colors offered
  • Micro-polished intake manifold
  • Carbon fibre accessory covers
  • Polished pulley system
  • Polished CMI stainless "sport-tube" headers
  • One-year restricted guarantee
  • All Ilmor Generation IV Marine motors tend to be Emission Certified

    The Gen IV MV10 machines have passed away all required certification examinations for Ca, achieving a 3-Star, Ultra-Low certification amount, when it comes to EPA, as well as all nations associated with eu.

    All Ilmor Generation IV Marine engines come standard because of the "ICE" program

    Our "ICE" program functions as the control center for many Ilmor Legacy aquatic powertrain components, delivering advanced engine and vessel control, along with simplified installation of drive-train services and products.

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