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Westerbeke Impeller

This can be a normal 3" natural water temperature exchanger as found on numerous Westerbeke an Universal diesel engines.


Close Up of End Cap

The conclusion caps on these HX's are susceptible to leaking in the event that gaskets are not changed on a rather regular basis. These end hats supply access to heat exchangers copper pipes.

Removal of End Cap

The finish cap assembly includes a brass end limit, a stainless bolt, an o-ring and a rubber gasket. The o-ring and gasket go collectively as shown.

Just How A HX Functions

If you proceed with the arrows you can see that this HX is broken into quarters and it is a four pass HX. Natural water enters & after that flows toward other end, comes back into inlet end, turns and heads back to the contrary end and finally converts right back towards the inlet end last but not least gets ejected to the damp exhaust system.

In the event that you go through the picture to blow it up you are going to observe an amount of an impeller blade that used residence into the temperature exchanger.

The Zinc End

This is about as good a good example I can come up with as to why you will need to replace your HX zinc frequently. Each engine changes in relation to zinc erosion so test that at three, four, six-weeks etc. to see which works for you.

This is the reason these temperature exchangers have end hats..

Zinc Components

All this work crap came out for the zinc end associated with HX and had been impeding raw liquid flow. This kind of crud can cause an engine overheat. Needless to say this overheat is only going to occur whenever running a dangerous inlet in 8 foot following seas at 2:00 a.m., because Murphy is often waiting. Don't allow Murphy enable you to get, go him down within pass and alter your HX zincs on a regular basis. The zinc pictured ended up being only eight months old and most likely need to have already been replaced at about six weeks whilst was already getting rid of.


HX End Cap Before

Usually the end hats are reusable but they must get cleaned up and/or gaskets may leak.

Brass HX End Cap Showing Dezincification

A little burgundy Scotch-Brite will do a fantastic job of cleaning a conclusion limit. Constantly analyze all of them for signs and symptoms of dezincification. Dezincification is the process of the zinc being leeched from the brass. This method renders the remaining metal instead brittle plus prone to failure. If you see alot more "pink" coppery shade than this end cap is displaying it would be smart to change the finish it.

The HX - REady For Color

This HX was stress tested, cleaned inside and out and readied for a unique coating of paint. A great car radiator shop can stress test drive it and then clean all of it for about $30.00 to $50.00 dependant on your geography. I've a nearby guy that repeat this for $30.00. Not really worth my time for you to even start thinking about carrying it out myself.


Dissimilar Metals

Why do I need a zinc again.?

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