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The detailed procedure for changing an outboard water pump in your outboard motor, presented by outboard professional Phil Batista of Burr Brothers Boats in Marion, Massachusetts and Boating Local/New England Boating. find out more

Movie Transcript

[Tom] Hi, Tom Richardson for Boating Town. And today I’m right back from Burr Brothers Boats in Marion Massachusetts where outboard technician Phill Batista is going to show us how-to change the water pump about this 2004 Mercury Optimax Outboard. Now water pump is changed on an outboard or IO approximately almost every other period. Additionally the reason why, is really because the rubberized impeller that spins around in the motor and cooling liquid towards the power head could fail or decline in the long run. And that can cause a large problem if it happens going while you’re regarding the water. What’s the worst-case scenario?

[Phill] the greatest situation is when they all break off. They don’t get everywhere, they particular only sit here.

[Narrating] as previously mentioned, water pump impeller becomes brittle over time inducing the veins to split off and perchance clog up the intake system. Nonetheless a far more universal problem as Phil describes is a lack of suction caused by a loss in elasticity.

[Tom] Yeah, compared to similar to this, it’ all, they are all right.

[Phill] Yes it is a whole new one. As well as develop impeller memory. Okay when these exact things sit-in that glass. When we make the whole device apart you’ll see just what i am talking about. Once they sit in the cup, the blades are types of bent to one part. As soon as they sit that way they kind of shed their elasticity. So they don’t have enough tension to scrub against that to make that great seal inside water pump housing.

[Tom] So you’re not receiving that particular force that you need to have.

[Phill] you can easily drop pressure. So that the very first thing you should do is pop this little limit. it is planning to expose a bolt down there that eliminates this anode plate listed below under the anti-ventilation dish. Guarantee thing is in equipment or in basic, if you remember where it’s at. I enjoy ensure that it it is in simple. I believe these nuts. [Tom] Can keep it directly on there.

[Phill] you can easily keep it directly on there and from now on we intend to set this thing down. Simply give it a quick hit on the skeg. That knocks it free and she’s willing to drop. You can see.

[Tom] which was fairly easy.

[Phill] There are a couple of available harbors right here. So once I slip this down, you’re likely to want to be your peto-tube. And you also wish to push-down thereon. On that little black colored little bit of synthetic there; push-down thereon simultaneously. I’m only likely to set the skeg on my lap. I’ll have the ability to pull that tube right from there. This will be a coupler for your shift; your shift pole coupler and listed here is your driveshaft. The same as that. Sweet and easy, like that. Mercury tends to make light material.

Where planning to start taking the water pump apart. A little bit of oil on, that’s great, that is done before. They kept with the water pump solution on this thing. The new system includes these set up resources.

Slide right off there. So now you only pop that quickly. So the following is your impeller. That’s your metal housing; we’re going to re-use that. That will not may be found in the system. Here's your weigher dish; that is in which your impeller rides on. Your liquid pops up through there. We’ll only peel that up. There clearly was just a little intake screen. There's a little passage underneath this. We some gasket scraping to-do afterward. So essentially we simply get a razor knife and try never to knick the meeting surface too much.

possibly preferably. But just scrape up that gasket; you need a clean conference area the gasket as you can lose water through there.

[Tom] certain so you want to only keep it great and smooth as possible.

[Phill] Right.

[Tom] So we don’t only.

[Phill] only taking a little bit of cleansing degreaser to soften up several of that gasket and simply just take a fantastic sharp shaver knife and discuss it and clean up any keeps of every gasket material we've left. You can view it appears to be quite good. And voila, we have now a fresh clean area today to install the latest gasket.

So essentially now what I’m likely to do is I’m likely to strike this away and move on to rid of any bit of gasket that may have fallen into this small recess the following. Prepared, watch your eyes. Phillips screwdriver will be here and you will find holes those small dimples into the carrier; we'll only form of stroll it, good and easy. It’s that easy.

Fall that up, glance at the seals, they look very good. But, we have been here, we’re going to replace it. We’re just planning to cleanse this up a little bit. Alright here is the brand-new company. We’re going to take some Mercury 2-4-C, its brown in color and apply it into O-ring. Slightly bead, wear it the outside for the O-ring there where it sits within the gear situation, including slightly on the seals; inside mouth for the seals. This way we don’t harm the seals upon installation. I’m simply gonna set this aside because I’m probably need to clean off those drive-shaft splines, as you can see they have got a small amount of old oil on them. Clean wipe with a few cleaner-degreaser. Use it and wipes. You get yourself up there and you simply cleanse it well.

Caked on stuff aid in the installation of that company. We should make sure that we don’t keep any on top here because we don't wish to have a hydraulic impact up in the crank-shaft. Might never obtain the thing bolted up. You are certain to get the bolted up nevertheless may cause a small amount of problems for the crank-shaft, which would render the motor.

[Tom] So don’t get and make sure the grease is certainly not on dirty top.

[Phill] Precisely! Not sitting regarding the top. I simply rub my thumb over it in order to verify you'll find nothing here. We’re prepared put in that carrier. I want to simply fit that out. Always make an effort to orient the dimples with this company thus I can remove it the very next time. And we also just slide it on good and simple. Completely down. No special tool required here. I'll simply show you the thing I do. I do believe that it's a 7/8 that goes over that well. And you just tap it home nice and easy.

And you may determine if it's not since you won’t manage have the weightier dish down on their particular flush. So we're virtually here. The drain screws since you get a small amount of stress.

[Narrating] If the provider will not fully seat, you may need to start the oil fill port from the lower device to release the pressure.

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