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The sodium in seawater makes its oceans Earth’s largest naturally occurring corrosive environment. Include man-made multipliers, like high-temperatures and pressures additionally the number of hostile chemicals, solvents and other liquids required to operate an offshore oil rig, along with conditions that, over time, could be dangerous to almost any material, but especially to metals.

No real surprise, then, that naturally corrosion-resistant composite products have increasingly already been familiar with mold formerly metal parts implemented in many overseas drilling system programs. These generally include non-load-bearing topside platform elements, like fire-water mains, large- and low-pressure tubing, processing vessels and tanks, fire-blast panels, gratings and handrails, plus more recent subsea structures, like carbon pole umbilicals and elements for protecting wellheads, manifolds as well as other equipment about subsea handling (Read more internet based about composites in overseas oil and gas applications by hitting the titles, “Fossil and mineral resources: Composites increase” and “Composites stretch service of corrosion-prone coal and oil pipelines” under "Editor's Picks" at top right).

Composites are also making tentative inroads into greater amount, more demanding offshore coal and oil programs, including the pipelines and pipeline systems with which producers look for oil, think it is and in the end carry it up from wellhead to the surface. Although some continue to be in development — an ongoing process which includes a long and rigorous certification stage — the impetus behind this R&D sometimes appears by many everyone in the business as significant. The question is certainly not if nevertheless when overseas oil operators should be compelled which will make higher utilization of lightweight composites in structural undersea pipelines.

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