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Tohatsu outboard owner's manuals are offered for downloading from our web site at no cost. The guides have been in Adobe Acrobat "PDF" structure. Substitution printed owner's guides is bought through any one of our .

How can I get something and/or parts manual for my Tohatsu outboard?

Tohatsu service guides & components catalogs for 4-strokes, 2-strokes, and TLDI outboards is ordered throughout your local dealership. 3rd party service manuals can also be found from Seloc Marine & Clymer*. We have some dealers that offer all of them via their website: Inc., Defender Industries, or ITG/Cumberland Marine.*

*Tohatsu just isn't in charge of the details contained in third party manuals.

In which is my closest dealership found?

You can search for dealership closest for you with this . If you're nevertheless having problems finding a dealer near you, kindly phone our company at 214-420-6440 (hours 8am-5pm, main time).

How much do Tohatsu outboards cost?

Due to the fact supplier of Tohatsu outboards, all outboards can be bought through our dealer system. Each supplier is able to set their particular retail price, consequently, you really need to speak to your local dealership to obtain the real retail price locally.

Just what horsepower motor can I put on my boat?

There's no one simple answer to this concern. There are many facets which must be taken into account, most importantly will be never go beyond the horsepower rating regarding the ship. Other factors to be taken into account will be the fat associated with ship, body weight of passengers/gear, as well as your anticipated use of the boat (do you wish to water-ski? troll around your neighborhood pond? etc). For the best "bang for the dollar" kindly and discuss your requirements with him/her. They will be over thrilled to assist you in finding the greatest outboard for your certain requirements.

Just what dimensions propeller should I make use of?

As with attempting to select the right horsepower, selecting the most appropriate propeller to suit your needs calls for one to take some facets into account. We come up with reveal area with regards to propellers that will help you determine the most readily useful prop to do the job. Kindly keep in mind there's absolutely no one magic solution that'll definitely guarantee that prop you choose will give you the overall performance you anticipate; sometimes it really is simply a matter when trying various props to determine which is going to work perfect for your unique application.

How can I order replacement components for my Tohatsu outboard?

It is important to to purchase any replacement components; Tohatsu only sells through our supplier community. We make an effort to keep a 24 hour turn-around on all parts orders received from our dealers, therefore if the dealer does not have your unique component in-stock, they may be able generally receive it within a matter of a few days. (Federal Express/UPS following day delivery choices are readily available...please visit your dealer for details).

What is the ratio of oil and gas that i have to blend for my Tohatsu 2-Stroke or TLDI outboard?

With the exception of our outboards which may have oil shot systems, Tohatsu 2-stroke outboards need a 50:1 (2.5 ounces of oil for each gallon of fuel) oil/gas mixture following the preliminary break-in duration. Tohatsu outboards that have oil shot will instantly mix the most suitable level of gas and oil depending on the engine needs; you don't have to pre-mix your oil & fuel with one of these systems. We have put together a handy chart to help you calculate the quantity of oil/gas to combine.

May I utilize almost any oil within my Tohatsu 2-Stroke outboard?

For your 2-stroke outboard, be sure and use only 2-cycle outboard oil, with an NMMA (nationwide Marine Manufacturers Association) certified score of TCW3. Never ever, never ever, never use vehicle oil inside 2-stroke outboard. There is Tohatsu 2-stroke outboard motor oil at .

TLDI outboards should simply be operate making use of an oil that meets or surpasses TCW3 oil especially formulated for use in Direct Injection motors and semi-synthetic or complete synthetic. Traditional TCW3 oil just isn't recommended for used in TLDI outboards. Suggested oils given just below.

  • Tohatsu Perfect Advantage 100percent Synthetic Oil
  • Tohatsu Premium TCW3 Semi-Synthetic Oil
  • Nissan Aquatic Perfect Positive Aspect 100% Artificial Oil
  • Nissan Marine Premium TCW3 Semi-Synthetic Oil
Am I able to use any kind of oil within my Tohatsu 4-Stroke outboard?

For the 4-stroke outboard, you should use Genuine Tohatsu FC-W 4-Cycle Oil. Tohatsu FC-W 4-Cycle Oil is NMMA licensed and has now been especially created to deal with the greater RPM's that outboards are subjected to, along with unique corrosion inhibitors to fight the harsh operating problems of this marine environment. Genuine Tohatsu Oil reduces rubbing & put on and ensures the inner components are properly lubricated for optimum overall performance. If Tohatsu 4-Cycle Oil isn't available we advice making use of an NMMA Certified FC-W 4-cycle oil formulated for usage in outboard motors. Seek out natural oils bearing the FC-W trademark.

Your Tohatsu 4-stroke outboard comes with an Engine Oil Warning Lamp (excluding 2hp, 2.5hp & 3.5hp). Whenever warning lamp is off, it indicates that adequate oil stress is present. In the event that warning lamp is on (red-light is on) or blinking on/off, instantly turn off your outboard and check the oil level. Replenish as needed. In the event that oil amount is at the right degree and also the light will continue to stay on or blink, speak to your regional dealership for help (don't use your outboard until a dealer has corrected the problem).

You'll spot the engine oil warning lamp come-on when you initially begin your outboard. This is certainly regular and may stop after a few seconds. On cool begins, the lamp may remain on longer as a result of oil being thicker. If that's the case, end the engine and restart as well as the lamp should go down rapidly. In the event that caution lamp doesn't head out after 4-8 seconds, end the motor and consult with your neighborhood supplier.

Do i need to make use of any unique form of gas (awesome unleaded, regular unleaded, etc) during my Tohatsu outboard?

The minimal octane score that you need to utilize is 87, however, we recommend using gasoline with an octane score of 89 or higher.

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Nissan Outboard Motor parts
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