Outboard Motor Spare Parts

Outboard Motor Spare parts

To order parts for your engine kindly e mail us by telephone, fax, e-mail or page. Get a hold of your Uk Seagulls Engine Number Kindly make sure to constantly estimate your total engine number; this could easily generally be found from the crankcase right above the drive shaft casing tube and may include letters and numbers. Seeking components for an old Seagull is simply not in!

You will find over 40 forms of 'old' Seagull - the proprietors Spares Books will help you to determine the components you may possibly require.

Newly Re-Introduced Free Parts

320 Uk Seagull Auxiliary Outboard Bracket Detachable outboard bracket for Brit Seagull Outboard machines. 30/545 Float Chamber Cover for Bing Carburettor 57/691 Filter Disc for Bing Carburettor 52/055 Float Pin for Bing Carburettor

Re-Introduced British Seagull Spare Parts

V645/2 Villiers Carburettor 25:1 Conversion Needle Villiers Conversion needle for Uk Seagull Outboard motors to transform from 10:1 to 25:1 gas to oil ratio. 50/1296 Piston c/w Rings, etc (64cc) Piston complete with piston bands, gudgeon pin and gudgeon pin circlips for Uk Seagull Forty Featherweight and Forty Plus outboard machines. S1296 Piston c/w bands, etc (102cc) Piston complete with piston bands, gudgeon pin and gudgeon pin circlips for Brit Seagull Century and EFNR outboard engines. C1390 Gear Operating Lever
Gear running lever usually ideal for Brit Seagull Model 55's (Forty Series) and Model 75's (Century Series) Outboard motors. 301 British Seagull Outboard Cover S558 Air-intake c/w Choke Shutter
All prices are in GBP and include VAT @ 20per cent. Each purchase is subject to postage and packaging to your area.

Uk Seagull Manuals

The following is an information when it comes to books offered:
Holders Spares Book - split-down drawings of most components - addressing all 'traditional design' machines. Owners Spares Book - split-down drawings of most components - covering the Model 102 series just. Holders Spares Book - split-down drawings of all of the components - within the Model 170/125 show just. Proprietors Handbook - the book sent out with each motor when new - covering starting, stopping and general upkeep for motors aided by the Villiers Mark 1 and Wipac Mark 2 ignition methods. Owners Handbook - the book delivered with each motor when brand new - covers beginning, preventing and general upkeep for machines utilizing the Wipac Mark 3 & 4 Breakerless CD ignition systems. Proprietors Handbook - the booklet sent with every new Model 102 engine - addresses starting, stopping and general upkeep. Owners Handbook - the guide sent with each new Model 170/125 engine - addresses beginning, stopping and general upkeep. Workshop handbook - based on provider Sheets written to allow proprietors to handle strip down and re-building treatments - this guide would work for several 'traditional design' motors like the Model 102. LIT11 Owners Handbook, QB range Proprietors Handbook - the book distributed with each QB Series engine - addresses beginning, stopping and general upkeep. LIT12 Spares Book, QB range Holders Spares Book - split-down drawings of all of the parts - covering all QB Series engines, the Kingfisher, the Osprey and Curlew. LIT13 Workshop Guide, QB range Workshop handbook - considering provider Sheets written to permit owners to carry out strip down and re-building processes - this guide works for all your QB Series machines. As there is absolutely no certain Workshop handbook for Model 170/125 motors proprietors could find this guide helpful.
We cannot mind assisting proprietors with tips over the telephone but we do expect all of them to possess a duplicate of books readily available for their engine as this tends to make outlining so much simpler.

British Seagull Clothes Number

BSC007 Uk Seagull Baseball Cap Deep blue with
Red beading on brim
One Size BSC001 British Seagull Polo T-Shirt Navy Blue L & XL British Seagull Sweatshirt M, L & XL British Seagull Rugby Shirt
All products are embroidered with ' British Seagull' while the 'little man device'. Images for example only.

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