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Water pump impeller Replacement

Do not be delay because of the undeniable fact that you have to drop the reduced unit. Below are a few suggestions to get you through it.

1. Falling the gearcase to get into water pump needs elimination of the mounting bolts.

Outboard water pumps are simple designs. Located simply atop the low gearcase system, they're easy to access and solution, also. The pump houses a rubber impeller that is keyed to the motor driveshaft. Water enters the lower gearcase through inlets in the edges of the gearcase, just over the propeller shaft area. The driveshaft turns the pump inside a plastic housing with a stainless steel lining. The pump attracts water through intakes and up into the housing. The impeller blades (vanes) touch the liner at lower rates whilst the driveshaft converts, but as engine revs up, the impeller blades bend retreat from housing lining. The pump delivers liquid out of the top of the housing through a brass tube, usually about a half-inch in diameter, up to the engine's powerhead, in which it circulates through the system's cooling passages.

Salt, sand, dirt, sticks, along with other debris just take their toll in the pump impeller, housing, and associated parts. That's why many outboard technicians suggest replacement every period, or at the worst every other season. You can find legions of tales which go "i have had my outboard for two decades and never replaced the water pump"; but good preventative upkeep training includes replacement for the pump and housing at regular intervals.

  • 2. Don't forget the bolt found in trim loss. Mark the position associated with trim tab before eliminating it so you can correctly position it for reinstallation. Unless you, you're going to have to re-adjust it after liquid testing the rig, so that it will guide neutrally and don't pull to port or starboard.

    3. Water pump is preparing to be removed, utilizing a fitting plug from the four mounting bolts. Notice that the gearcase normally being drained of old lubricant as the writer finishes water pump work.

  • 4. Lay-out and determine all components on on a clean cloth after which take away the old pump housing and impeller.

    5. Old impeller (on right) blades took a set; compare toward brand new one from the remaining.

  • 6. Usage of proper sealer on gaskets is mandatory to reduce the opportunity of leaks.

    7. The impeller is pushed to the housing liner with a slight clockwise twist.

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