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Because of a Hacker assault on our information base we have been not able to show you every aspect regarding the boats for sale in our regular manner. We apologize and trying to enhance this an element of the site. Common features tend to be detailed very first and used with motorboat particulars.

Products and standard functions.

All Duroboats unless usually mentioned have significant vee hulls. All feature the Durojoint, no architectural rivet, no welded seam, philosophy. All proportions tend to be moderate some little variants can occur.

All ships have flotation into the seating or often laterally into the flooring to enable them to meat US coast-guard security demands.

12%20LBoats are predominantly 5052 corrosion resistant aluminum with 6000 series extrusions and castings.

10 ft ships function .050 bottoms and sides and transoms.

12 ft ships feature .063 bottoms and transoms and .050 edges.

14 ft boats feature .063 bottoms, transoms and edges.

15 and 16 ft boats function .072 to .077 bottoms and .063 sides and transoms.

Boats all have high quality bow corner manages with tie off tips.

All ships have actually stainless Bow eyes and drain plugs.

Ships all have cockpit flooring while the 12S and bigger have tank boards. Walk through designs have complete chine to chine floor panels.

All workbench design ships have oar lock sockets.

Every Duroboat on these pages can be tiller operated or fitted with a Duroboat workbench or floor mount system for forward steering.

12S%20RedThe 10T, 12S, 12L, 14S, 14L, 14SW, 14LW, 15, 15W, 16, 16W, and 16 Center system all have actually bow shelves. Ships are bought with blue, yellowish, or purple dust coated exteriors. Bare aluminum may be opted for besides. White, national green along with other colors are solutions at additional prices. All interiors are painted to dampen sun glare.

For which you see stainless rails, consoles, seating, lights along with other items they're usually sold as choices by Duroboat or dealers or put into customer boats as aftermarket products.


This can be our tiniest vessel. It really is made for light weight and automobile topping but is a really capable small boat in choppy water. The 10D has actually a single seat framed by two bench seating. It makes a great coastline boat, dock vessel, low-cost dinghy. It's one level floorboard when you look at the center seat. It may be held in the back of a pick up truck.


Understand website Yacht tenders web page for information about Finghies and yacht tenders. The 10T is dependant on our 10 ft. It comes down with two bench seating. This has extra functions including a bow shelf, a full pair of floor panels and 4 stainless manages. These drive the extra weight to 150 lbs but include adequate stability to allow for 10HP. The 10T is standard in Yacht white but can be supplied in standard Duroboat colors.15W%20Yello%20Fcon%20%26%20bowrail really virtually any Duroboat could be transformed into a tender.

L: 10ft, Beam: 62”, Weight: 150, individuals Cap: 3, maximum HP: 10, Transom: quick 15”


Production suspended but are offered by unique arrangement.

The 12D is a light boat. In addition a motor vehicle topper, the 12D features 3 bench seats. It's standard without external paint, bow shelf or rub rails. It includes less cost option to the entire dimensions 12. It has the same bottoms because the 12S or 12L . It weighs in at 154lb. This has reduced sides versus 12S or 12L.

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