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Mercruiser Exhaust Risers

RiserMercV8.JPG (40794 bytes)Merc 350 riser. Notice the huge difference, especially the width of this gasket areas between the openings. That one had been cleansed of scale and place back in service. That don't end it from leaking and damaging the motor, which it performed.

Cast-iron works well given that it tolerates extremes of heat, development and contraction better than other choices like metal. Since cooling water is injected to the exhaust heated component, there's generally a zone of quite high temperature huge difference - a transition zone from superheated to quickly cooled.Crus454FWCriser.JPG If you were to heat up up a cast metal skillet red hot after which pour cold water inside, you understand that that would probably break the pan apart. Same task with risers. Ergo, how they are designed features too much to do with it. The warmth transition areas result in more rapid prices of corrosion.

Cast iron corrodes in a unique way, according to kind, it corrodes with a kind of sheeting action, or a blistering action, leaving layers of heavy scale on the corroded areas. It is not uncommon for the scale in order to become 1/4" dense. As soon as the scale gets that thick, it eventually ends up preventing the water flow.RiserMerc.JPG The other issue with this particular usually this scale remains wet, retains water, a predicament which increases the deterioration procedure. Unlike aluminum or Corten metallic, the deterioration does not offer to guard the material, quite contrary. Consequently, as cast iron corrodes, the rate of deterioration becomes modern. And therefore the rate of corrosion becomes faster. Obtain the image right here? Right. Once the thing is that deterioration on the outside of, it is the right time to begin stressing.

It's the depth associated with "jacket, " the wall between your exhaust chamber and the cooling liquid, that determines how long it will last. The slimmer it's, the sooner it will fail, but you haven't any means of know very well what the thickness is. So you're kind of stuck looking forward to the apocalypse.

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