New manifold cost

Typical mileage: 121, 241 (10, 700–308, 000)

14 model many years affected: 1991, 1996, 1997, 1998,

192 individuals reported this dilemma

crack in the intake manifold...saw a recall about it when it comes to plastic one to be changed using new aluminum, but my fortune it doesn't apply to me because my automobile should old. My mechanic is charging you me personally 950 when it comes to fix and stated he would keep the information he available on line for this. I do believe Ford becoming a reputible company and Michigan based should step up and support all who possess this dilemma regardless with regards to happens

Heater box to intake manifold heater hose pipe nipple stripped aside at manifold. Lose about 1 gallon of antifreeze every 3 weeks. My mechanic states this can be a standard problem. Ford should be ashamed and replace all for free. The professional that designed the manifold and supervisor that accepted the design should acquire one of these simple vehicles throughout their life.

Plastic manifold cracked during the thermoregulator. No chance to repair so no choice but to restore. Dealer stated it might price $1, 260 to change (includes $400+ for the component). I purchased the part online for $216 and did it myself. Took hrs but had not been very tough. Only a lot of stuff to lose, so mark hoses and cables well.

Intake manifold cracked... going to cost a lot of money to displace. It could be good should they were not crafted from plastic! Simply does not make a whole lot of sence for me.

We purchased my Grand Marquis LSE new in 2003. As you care able to see from the mileage i actually do maybe not drive the vehicle a lot of kilometers annually. I retain the car as needed including replacing devices and hoses as required. The intake manifold developed a crack together with become changed. The cost had been over $1000.It's a shame that an automobile that are priced at over $32000 at the time is produced with synthetic parts that do not hold up. Such for Fords quality. I am able to observe that i am not alone who may have had this issue. You might genuinely believe that Ford would stay behind their particular product. Although almost all of the reports that demonstrate this issue have actually more miles in it than I do this component should not fail under normal driving problems.

Pool of antifreeze over motor block beneath the induction manifold.

had my merc for awhile today and abruptly i smelled one thing then saw smoke via in bonnet, i stopped and saw coolent every-where took it in and discovered out i have a tiny break behind my alternator on my intake manifold...did countless research and visited know im not alone with this specific issue THANKS FORD.. for a brand new manifold online for $210 now im planning attempt to replace it myself after finding out having an expert do the things I can figure out is 4 to 500 simply for labor so want me personally fortune and once more THANKS FORD!!

Only bought the car from a senior guy who was simply the original owner. Looked and drove great untill i acquired it from the highway plus it went up in smoke... or do I need to state steam. Manifold cracked into the exact place and cost me personally $1000 to correct. This is my car for a long period, i am hoping.

Parked in storage after a 45 miles drive. Discovered puddle of yellowish engine oil like liquid on floor. Car never overheat and no issue with transmission. Engine oil, power steering, braking system and car trans fluid all check out good except coolant reasonable and vanished from overflow container. Dealership identified the coolant drip brought on by broken intake manifold. Cost $1300 to change.

This 1999 Grand Marquis LS was purchased new; carefully run in initial 1, 500 kilometers. One owner driven these kilometers and serviced regularly by authorized dealer only. Automobile does ot burn off any engine oil - careful run in the very first 1500 miles. Always check oil, liquid regularly and begun to observe overflow coolant container required topping up every two or a few months. Car works really efficiently till I came across the puddle of yellow liquid from the storage flooring after a 45 min. drive. Absorbed substance in some recoverable format and took it to Mercury dealership whom determined the cracked manifold that would have to be changed. Parts and labor totalled to $1300. I usually request to save lots of old parts to see how the components put on or damaged. The latest manifold ended up being Made in Asia. (so are various other Ford components like Brake Rotors etc.) reported to be utilizing thicker plastic, alum components and may perhaps not break too easily. However, i see GM's with 75, 000 kilometers or less are experiencing break manifold problems.
Individual Observation: The manifold is made of plastic composite wrapped over some alum. ducting or piping. Primary physics taught united states that synthetic, composites, aluminium expands and agreements at various temperatures. this design is indeed warped to own plastic wrap over the intake manifold, is a buildt in tragedy waiting to occur. makes one wonder in which these Mercury Ford engineers whom created the manifold originated in???
Ford ought to be more responsible for their poorly designed items.

From nowhere vehicle started overheating without signal light coming-on; went along to firestone they misdiagnosed it with thermostat and O-ring and just once I believed my problem was resolved leak began to become worse. Therefore away from issue took it to ford as well as desired to charge 2900 to fix concern along side a other listing of products they recommend. found part online for 250 and compensated part auto mechanic 400 to place it on. I in all honesty could not believe they part would fail like this and started to believe it is becoming a large concern its no wonder police agencies dumped the crown vic and re-up inventories with chargers and caprice's within my area. Perhaps i ought to perform some same if another issue like this occurs. It really is things like this that produces devoted owners of ford products to jump ship. There isn't any commitment anymore with one of these organizations simply inexpensive components and low quality.

I have an 07 top vic authorities model...everyone i'm sure who has got a top vic or grand marquise changed the intake must remember this part...$250 for component.not to mention how much labor would-be if i didnt do so myself...

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