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Cover imageTitanium displays properties which can be excellent for assorted applications nevertheless handling roads stay high priced and tough. Metal shot moulding is a processing course that gives lowering of costs, aided by the extra benefit of near net-shape components. Within study, the commercially pure (CP-Ti) dust was subjected to metal injection moulding studies so that you can research its suitability for biomedical programs. The CP-Ti with powder size of sub 45 μm had been blended with a binder which is composed of a water dissolvable element, injection moulded and then sintered. The technical and impurity amount properties associated with final elements were then determined and found becoming within ASTM Grade 2 (ASTM F67) requirements for titanium. The debinding mechanisms, kinetics and chemical responses are analysed and discussed thoroughly in this research.


► CP-Ti powder ended up being subjected to MIM and investigated for biomedical applications. ► The CP-Ti with powder was blended with a binder which is made from a water soluble component. ► The technical and impurity level properties of the final components had been then determined. ► C and O levels and technical properties within ASTM F67 level 2 specs for titanium. ► Binder material is wholly removed before sintering and also the treatment characteristics tend to be talked about thoroughly.


  • Metal shot moulding;
  • Titanium;
  • Titanium alloys;
  • CP-Ti;
  • Debinding;
  • Sintering;
  • Solvent debinding;
  • Solid polymer option;
  • Thermal debinding

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