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The Colorado Pontoon Boat from Classic Accessories® is a 9' high-capacity inflatable pontoon watercraft with a cushioned chair and 400 pound. capacity. Unique features consist of: a higher storage space capacity with 10 mesh pouches, 12 zippered pouches, and 2 insulated beverage holders; 3-position rod owner; line backside storage space and electric battery platform; anchor system with fillable mesh bag, cleat and pulley controls; sturdy, 2-position engine mount for trolling; and removable foam fly spot. For convenience, you can find 3 oarlock opportunities and an adjustable chair and footrests. Building features include: heavy-duty pontoons with abrasion-resistant bottoms and tough plastic tops; bronze oarlocks; powder-coated metallic pipe framework; cold- and heat-resistant bladders; 2-piece, 7' aluminum oars; and combo quick inflation/deflation valves. A unique dual-side stripping apron (with seafood ruler) allows entry and exit without unclipping. Body weight: 71-1/2 pound. Assembled size: 108"L x 56"W x 26"H. Manufacturer's 2-year restricted warranty. Imported.
Maker design #: 69660.

  • 400 lb. fat ability
  • Heavy-duty, 9' pontoons
  • High storage space capacity
  • Bronze, 3-position oarlocks
  • Powder-coated metal tube framework
  • Cool- and heat-resistant bladders
  • Wire back storage and electric battery platform
  • Dual-side stripping apron with seafood ruler
  • Fold-down seat
  • Adjustable seat and non-slip footrests
  • Body weight: 71-1/2 pound.



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