Boat Restoration Supplies

3M aquatic offers high quality solutions for an excellent finish to ensure your boat is completely ready for artwork generate a finish that lasts.

Surface Preparation

As soon as the hull may be out of the water, pull any sea grass, barnacles and just about every other particles with a marine certain motorboat clean. After that utilizing huge task safety tape or alternatively numerous levels of artist's tape, mask all stripes to guard all of them when sanding.

Suggested item: 3M™ Scotch-Blue Painters Tape for multi-surfaces 2090

Sanding the underside Paint

If a dense layer of paint has built up-over the years or brand-new paint is incompatible with the old the paint on top will need to be removed through sanding.

Whenever sanding off the old bottom paint the grit of abrasive used and amount of actions required will be different according to the product becoming sanded. To help you select the right item for your application we've come up with a guide to 3M fibreglass repairs, gelcoat fix and paint repair.

Begin with a coarser grade abrasive moving onto a finer level to generate the perfect artwork area.

If surface is within good condition a good clean followed closely by a gentle sanding will prepare the outer lining for a brand new coat.

It's also vital that you remember that when sanding exposure to hazards means that the appropriate individual safety equipment must be worn. To find out more see our Occupational wellness & protection website.

Applying paint

With the exception of the type of paint being applied, topside artwork is equivalent to painting the hull and exact same maxims connect with the planning, hiding and priming. For most readily useful outcomes always follow paint producer tips


Because the effects of sunshine on glues differs between tapes, whenever choosing which tape to use it is essential to consider just how long it will be left on for, whether it will likely to be used indoors or out-of-doors and the type of paint being used.

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