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Inboard MarineIt can take a great history to produce a contemporary winner, and Ilmor aquatic engines stem from an extended reputation for engineering and performance quality.

Engineering excellence is our function and our enthusiasm, forged inside fires of three decades in automotive racing and tested because of the many demanding consumers regarding track as well as on water. It’s the mindset that pushes united states to drive boundaries, modification objectives and continuously provide even more in our manufacturing marine engines and custom powertrain solutions. It’s how exactly we make items that are more durable, simpler to program, distinctly much more processed in appearance, and why we lead a in quality, performance and effectiveness. In every little thing we do, Ilmor’s manufacturing superiority produces a significant difference you can observe, hear and feel.

Today, Ilmor has a reputation for overall performance and high quality throughout the recreational marine business. We at this time serve as the only real motor supplier for Mastercraft’s complete distinct inboard tow recreation crafts, and with the launch of our innovative One Drive/One Touch stern drive option, our company is extending our choices to add the bow-rider and cruiser markets. Latest engine designs continue steadily to take center phase at Ilmor, and consistently display our unceasing commitment to excellence in design and engineering, production and customer support.

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Meet Team Ilmor

  • Wakeboarding

    Although he is among the younger professional athletes regarding MasterCraft professional Wakeboard Tour, Harley Clifford can always be found at or nearby the the surface of the podium. Harley's MasterCraft is run on an Ilmor MV8 7.4L OPS.

  • Water-skiing

    Since the 12-time guys's water skiing jump world-record holder, Freddy Krueger strikes concern in to the minds of their competitors.

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