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Honda Marine Financing

3.99percent APR funding for 24 to 48 months for skilled clients*

4.99% APR funding for 49 to 60 months for skilled clients*

4.99percent APR funding for 61 to 84 months for qualified customers*

  • Qualified on: brand new, untitled and unregistered Honda Marine outboard machines (2 hp – 250 hp). Utilized devices are not eligible.

For more information about the 3.99percent special financing and how you can easily be considered, kindly see your neighborhood participating Honda Marine dealership.

*APR funding available on new Honda outboard machines through American Honda Finance Corporation upon authorized credit. 3.99percent APR funding for 24 – 48 months, accessible to clients which qualify for AHFC credit tier 1. Example for brand new Honda outboard machines: 3.99percent APR for 3 years funding at $29.52 four weeks for each $1, 000 funded. 4.99percent APR for 60 months financing at $18.87 30 days for virtually any $1, 000 funded. 4.99per cent APR for 84 months funding at $14.13 a month for each $1, 000 financed. Provide great on any new and unregistered Honda outboard engine, with the very least quantity financed of $1, 000 and a minimum payment of $100. Check with participating dealers for complete details. Dealers set real product sales prices. For well-qualified buyers, not all buyers may qualify. Higher prices make an application for different terms and/or purchasers with reduced credit score. Lower prices are often offered. Offer good through 04/03/17, on brand-new and unregistered Honda outboard motors (2hp – 250hp) and just on authorized credit by Honda Financial Services through participating dealers. Honda Financial providers' standard credit criteria apply.

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