Outboard Parts Diagram

Outboard parts Diagram

Our company is a legitimately operate Boat Wrecking yard in Southern Ontario, Canada. We accept any kind of ship, run abouts, fishing boats for sale, sailboat, aluminum ships, metal boats or wood ships.
Kawartha aquatic Boat Wreckers & Recyclers is your green motorboat option. We're your one end source for used and new vessel parts. We recycle old boats and so far, we recycled over 1000 boats.

We offer Free Boat Removal for intact boats.

Situated when you look at the Kawartha Lakes at 9 Wychwood Crescent, Fenelon Falls, Ontario, Canada, we're the full solution Southern Ontario watercraft wrecking yard and Marina. Our yard intersects with components of the Trent Severn Waterway. Our company is a short driving distance from Orillia and Haliburton and several location ponds.

Boats with operable trailers or engines usually are hauled 100% free; others is recharged because of the base. Some exceptions apply.

Please phone to confirm – 705-559-4191.

We're going to come and take away your ship, motors, watercraft trailers and any watercraft components you need acquired (any dimensions).

Whenever available eliminate abandoned, damaged or junk boats throughout Ontario too!

No boat is simply too huge or too small. We accept fiberglass or aluminum, etc. If you aren’t certain, just call us. We can accommodate all sizes including some sailboats, run abouts up to yachts!

Don’t deliver your motorboat towards landfill or even to some farmers area! We're a green company that is working on maintaining ships from the landfill and regarding farmers industries!

We have been totally registered and ensure we are meeting all Ontario ecological and zoning laws. We say that which we do so we do what we say! We use the 3 R’s reduce, reuse and recycle.

We carry an array of used vessel components.

A number of the items we carry:
– Used inboard and outboard motors, drives, chairs, interior panels, props, made use of and windshields, steering, and wiring, swimming platforms, ladders, hatches, skiing equipment.
– venture boats and trailers are often offered.

We're in developmental phases of recycling ships and ship parts in a more environmentally friendly fashion. Kindly browse our fiberglass recycling page and our Environmental projects page for changes on our system.

We additionally accept old engines and ship components. Any such thing marine associated.

In case we don’t have an utilized part, we can purchase you a unique or rebuilt component.

Our company is the biggest watercraft wrecking garden in Ontario!

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