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Salt water heat exchanger

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For sale in Copper-Nickel or Titanium
Perfect for both salt and chlorine liquid share

As a result of increasing rise in popularity of salt water pools, we now have created the CN-series temperature exchanger that could withstand the corrosive ramifications of sodium water. The CN-series temperature exchangers are made out of corrosion resistant cupro-nickel or titanium pipes and bronze end covers consequently they are consequently appropriate salt water pools and spas.

The CN-series heat exchangers are ideal for programs ranging to 2 million btu/hr. These devices are really easy to preserve as both end covers and pipe stack could be removed easily for cleaning. CN-series share heat exchangers are the only swimming pool products with this feature.

Installing of the CN-series products is very simple as you will find standard mounting brackets given each unit additionally the positioning is either straight or horizontal.

Typical programs for those units are for home heating of swimming pools making use of boilers or solar panel systems with either hot-water or glycol because the home heating method. In warmer climates they are usually utilized for cooling of pools using a chiller while the air conditioning source.

Features and Advantages
  • CN-Series children's pool heaters are manufactured with cupro-nickel pipes or titanium pipes to make certain deterioration resistance to sodium water and longer equipment life
  • As a result of high flow rates through the temperature exchangers, they've been inherently self-cleaning
  • Simple selection considering swimming pool volume
  • Devices kept in stock for immediate distribution
  • Pools, Spas and Hot Tubs
  • Solar Heated Pools
  • Domestic Hot-water
  • Sea-water Solutions
  • Spend Liquid Temperature Healing
Find out more about our titanium heat exchangers!

Our titanium share heaters offer an easy method of warming both chlorinated and salt water swimming pool liquid ultimately from a main home heating boiler. These are typically especially perfect for sodium liquid pools because of their high resistance to corrosion. In the place of utilizing a pricey share heater, put in our a great deal more inexpensive and efficient temperature exchangers.

Household Programs

  • Pools, spas and hot tubs
  • Domestic heated water

Industrial Programs

  • Sea-water programs
  • Waste water heat data recovery
Main Benefits of our Pool Heat Exchangers
  • Our titanium share temperature exchangers are made entirely of titanium to ensure corrosion weight to chlorinated share and spa water and longer equipment life.
  • As a result of large movement prices through the temperature exchanger, it naturally is a self-cleaning equipment.
  • Utilizing the high flow rate of this pool water checking out the layer and boiler liquid through tubes, low-pressure drop is achievable.
  • Effortless choice centered on pool volume.

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