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Cowl MufflersA.I.M. Stainless Mufflers

ROSE MARINE stocks a distinct stainless-steel mufflers made by APPLEGATE INDUSTRIAL MATERIALS.

Our A.I.M. Series comes in sizes which range from 3” (inlet and socket) around 8” Each can be obtained with either (Style 1) Stainless Steel Weld concludes, (Style 2) stainless-steel Male Pipe Threads, or ( Style 3 ) 150# Flanges.

Applegate Industrial will even custom design a muffler system just for the application. I will be very happy to work with one to design the maximum system for your application. Just click here to see a size chart.

ROSE AQUATIC stocks 12-inch general length versatile fatigue connectors with Schedule 40 carbon steel pipe, beveled at each and every end for easier field welding, with 6 inches of ASTM A-240 T-321 stainless-steel Corrugated flex welded into the center.

The FF show offers Carbon metal 150#-rated flanges at both finishes of a 12-inch overall size flex construction.


In addition within the 12” flex assemblies. ROSE MARINE additionally stocks another type of flex assemblies being 16” long and covered with stainless woven braid for added durability. They are offered with Stainless or Carbon metallic butt-weld ends or N.P.T. threaded stops.

A. Stainless steel finishes
B. N.P.T. threaded finishes
C. Carbon metal stops

To perform your fatigue system needs, ROSE MARINE shares numerous exhaust system fittings and accessories. To say some, we stock:

  • Butt-weld and socket weld couplings and elbows.
  • ANSI fatigue flanges in stainless & Carbon Steel.
  • Hi-Heat resistant fatigue gaskets
  • Thermo insulation blanket
  • Sch10 Stainless Pipe (because of the foot)

Cowl® silencers function a unique single spiral chamber design enabling a free movement of exhaust fuel through a consistent cross-section throughout the entire spiral chamber. As the fatigue fumes go through the spiral chamber, fatigue noise is increasingly attenuated. The benefits of the Cowl® spiral chamber are large sound attenuation, suprisingly low fatigue back pressure and a tremendously small bundle dimensions. For all about Cowl sizes and designs offered follow this link.

Vernatube Typically, Cowl silencers tend to be roughly 1/3 the physical size and ½ the weight of main-stream cylindrical silencers, of similar performance

Vernatone group of inline mufflers includes eight basic products with a huge selection of variants long, width, level, inlets and outlets. Builders and boaters asked for these variations for certain motor or place requirements in a specific vessel. These mufflers additionally vary in dimensions which influences the acoustical performance.

The Vernalift muffler had been created originally for little auxiliary propulsion machines setup near or below the water-line in sailboats.

VERNATUBE™ is a resin-impregnated cup filament wound tubing wound solely with a fire retardant resin created for high-temperature programs The smooth, resin-rich I.D. assures minimal limitation to exhaust gases and soothing water-flowing through tubing. Exact control over the exterior diameter ensures easy connecting mating harbors with marine fatigue hose pipe.

Exhaust systems accessories are made of the exact same fiberglass and fire retardant resins used to produce Vernatube, our UL listed tubing line. The fixtures tend to be lightweight, strong, non-corroding, and durable. Accessories are really easy to put in and O.D.’s tend to be compatible with authorized marine plastic exhaust hose pipe.

provides numerous cylindrical mufflers
to match many sizes and requirements.
Here are a couple of businesses that have assisted us assist you to obtaining correct muffler for your needs.

division of MIRATCH styles and manufactures motor silencers ranging in attenuation from industrial through hospital grade. MIRATECH's Cylindrical Series Silencers are conventionally formed cylindrical styles that vary in size from 1” to 48” inlet diameter.
For informative data on EM sizes and styles available
go through the website link below.

designs, manufactures and offers heavy weight, commercial silencers for motor and blower areas. Our distinct engine silencers include custom silencers built to your specs and standard silencers, disk silencers, spark arrestor silencers, compact silencers plus a whole line of fatigue add-ons. The lines of blower silencers cover intake silencers, release silencers and blower bases used in an array of companies.
For more information on BELMAR Muffler sizes and designs readily available click on the link below.

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