Raw Water Pumps Volvo

Raw water Pumps

This short article could believe there is the abilities to safely and easily remove your own personal liquid pump from the engine. This 1 is straightforward and makes use of four bolts and a gasket to attach into the timing equipment situation regarding the motor.In this picture you can observe how the pump arrived from the motor. While not dripping poorly the oil seal part had been weeping a tiny bit of oil as shown. In addition once they setup this engine they utilized 1" hose pipe on a 7/8" hose pipe barb generally there ended up being some water leakage that can cause a few of the corrosion. This pump seemingly have never ever been reconstructed and the engine features 2878 hours on the so great pumps will last quite a while.This natural water pump is created by Johnson Pump as a specific OEM product for Westerbeke. Unfortuitously Johnson Pump cannot sell you components, apart from an impeller, as a result of OEM agreements.

A unique Westerbeke pump is $480.00 in addition to rebuild kit is $130.00. This kit includes actually everything nevertheless the pump body!! Rebuilding is the economical and obvious choice offered your pump human body is within good shape.

Pump Internals

This photo reveals the pump shaft, the cam and also the water-seal.

Remove The C-Clip

Raw water pumps, while similar, all have a few functions in keeping; a pump human anatomy, shaft, impeller, seals and either bushings or bearings.This specific pump uses two bearings which are pushed in to the pump body after that retained with a c-clip.To remove this video you will require a collection of c-clip pliers of type that pinch as opposed to available once you squeeze the manages. Sears, and other device merchants, offer these and are known as sets from "retaining band pliers" to "circlip pliers" to "c-clip pliers".

The removal of the c-clip is really as easy as it seems. Simply insert the pliers tips to the maintaining band holes, squeeze and then lift out of the band.

Drive The Shaft Out

When the c-clip is taken away you will after that have to drive from shaft. On pumps with bushings the shaft typically simply slides completely but on pumps with internals roller bearings you'll want to press them out. We utilized a hole in my own work bench, that's for my router, to set the pump on. The opening accepted the shaft & bearings once I tapped it. Make sure to have one thing underneath the gap to capture the shaft or it could land on concrete and turn damaged or scored.

Utilize A Block Of Wood

When driving the shaft out it might be advisable to utilize a hit but most boaters don't possess one so I was showing you an alternate strategy. If you're of a technical mind-set and own a lead or metal hammer it is okay to tap entirely on the shaft as metal and lead tend to be softer as compared to shaft material. Unless you have a soft steel hammer just insert a block of wood such Maple, Oak or Teak, when I have inked right here, and faucet regarding the wood with a consistent hammer.Please remember this is a light tapping perhaps not a smashing or pounding.

If shaft won't emerge, with some mild taps, atart exercising . PB Blaster, allow is drench instantly, and try once more. If you nonetheless have no fortune drop it at a device shop and for about $5.00 or $10.00 they are going to hit it for you personally. I've never ever seen the one that required this but with ships such a thing is possible..

The Shaft Has Gone Out !

Here is a break down of this shaft & bearings. As you care able to see this shaft utilizes two bearings that are bathed & lubricated through the motor oil in motor. In the event that you look closely the thing is that the grooves or marks where both oil seal and water-seal spin from the shaft. This pump shaft won't be used again because of the rating. Although it perfectly could possibly be re-used, with brand new seals, there is not much sense probably all of this trouble and energy and not doing it appropriate.

Seal Areas

This really is a smartly designed pump. The oil-seal is separated by a weep slot or opening through the liquid side of the pumps and seal. Even though the water seal were to drip the water will simply drain out of the weep hole. If oil part weeps it also will simply deplete from weep hole. Neither part for this pump can pressurize or drip into one another.On event We have seen weep holes plugged with dried salt. In theory this could produce some stress that may hit though a weak oil-seal as soon as the motor ended up being of in addition to seacock available. Because of the motor running the crankcase becomes pressurized and really should reject the water. I have yet to see any liquid in engine oil despite a salt encrusted weep hole. It is very feasible when water performed be in, it was so minimal it absolutely was evaporated down with engine heat. In any event when you yourself have dried sodium, water leaking or oil leaking you'll want to rebuild the pump.

Unfortuitously some pumps, by specific makers, do not have or utilize adequate weep holes so a water part leak could undoubtedly drip in to the motors oil or vice versa.

The Seals

Here you will find the real seals. These two seals, when pushed into the pump human body, are continuously separated because of the spacer so they cannot settle or compress against each other and threat oil/water or water/oil contamination. The spacer sits, and is captive, appropriate within the weep opening to allow a leak drain and be visible and noticeable.

It is crucial the four little feet in the spacer face the oil-seal whenever reinstalling the seals! The flat region of the spacer deals with water pump seal therefore the feet face the oil-seal.

The Rebuld System

As I discussed earlier the alternative to this pumps is $480.00 but I just paid about $130.00 the rebuild kit. This particular kit contains every single gasket, screw, washer and piece that produces up this pump except that the pump body casting itself. Buying a rebuild kit and achieving this job your self can express a huge cost savings over buying an innovative new pump.This kit included the immediate following: Water seal, seal spacer, oil seal, shaft, impeller, impeller lube (Glycerin), cover dish, address plate gasket, address dish screws, cam, cam screw, cam washer, c-clip, bearings, shaft & pump to engine gasket.

Sadly, not totally all pumps have re-build kits available. If not discover outstanding organization in Florida called Depco Pump usually can get you things you need as well as offer you a re-built pump.

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