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Warning: This post has nothing at all to do with marine electronic devices. Rather, the subject relates to taking advantage of a repair possibility to improve my basic methods. This post describes a way to move my water pump to a significantly better place, although the beginner was the first concern.

As boaters, everyone have actually those ordeals maintaining out boats. It will require work but the joys of sailing are so worth every penny!

2-3 weeks ago my loved ones and I chose to use the vessel out for a spin on a bright Sunday mid-day within the Pacific Northwest. It was an early on spring-trip and not all my upkeep was done to get her ready for cruising season.

The diesel began quickly and we also motored out from the slide whenever we noticed an electrical burning smell and some smoke from the engine cavity.

We quickly shut the engine down and switched off my battery pack switches. A boat fire, even on Lake Union, can quickly become a significant offer. We suspected a corroded lug end may be the culprit. My boat is old and she has been on a budget for a long time. The engine is a fairly brand new Yanmar that rebuilt and setup myself in 2007 and I have actually a lot of trust in engine. Battery pack lugs I did in 2001 with not as much as stellar tools and I’ve had my reservations about their particular quality.

water pump accessWith the motor and batteries off, we nonetheless had a delightful sail on Lake Union and now we did not have to split on any fire extinguishers. We attempted the engine at the conclusion of the sail but it would not begin making more smoke. I believed relieved it was maybe not a difficult sail back in the slide. However, some thing required handling before we could use the boat once again.

Two times later on i acquired to be able to have a look and attempt to figure out what had unsuccessful. The key lug to my beginner appeared to be it got only a little hot but we quickly identified that was because my starter had melted and dropped a ball of ooze regarding stringer beneath it. We needed a starter motor and undoubtedly it is situated in a difficult destination to work on the motorboat. Indeed We seldom inspect that side of the engine also it was apparent the back seal on my waterpump was in fact spraying some water on that side of the engine too. It was nonetheless belated winter season and I figured it was time to address all of these problems at a time before springtime.

The motor on Distance is a Yanmar 3JH sets engine. It is a modern motor that was made to enter contemporary sailboats with accessibility all sides. In addition, a little impact size on motor is a vital selling point since accommodation around the engine may be maximized. I believe those two forces caused Yanmar to attach this engine’s natural water pump among the starter engine in addition to alternator.

standing on mindRemoving water pump to service it would mean that the forward/port motor mount must initially be removed. We saw many and varied reasons never to place the pump-back in this area. Going water pump had been really worth the time and effort.

Yanmar 3JH in her own spot on my watercraft length

View for the front waterpump accessibility. The corrosion from the alternator had been brought on by a leaky backside seal on pump.

Fun times standing on my mind for rear usage of the pump and starter engine.

Through the away from 3JH appears to have several options for relocation. The very first option is always to attach the pump on forward side of the power take-off where it absolutely was initially attached. Some problems: the alternator gear was in the way and there's a bearing battle cast and machined in to the engine that will need to be eliminated. I decided that has been too big of employment.

Original water pump with rusty engine mount in the way

The inside of this power take-off after the pump was eliminated.

original water pumpThe second option is always to mount the pump towards the PTO mounted into front side of injection pump cam. The problem using this was there have been no splines to add the pump to from the front associated with the cam. I discovered an adapter for it online but I would personally need to eliminate the front address associated with the motor to set up it.

The 3rd option had been the easiest and also the one I moved with. This was to get a brand new waterpump and install it in the primary crank for the motor. The original pump using the motor is a Johnson Pumps F5B-9. But is a unique Yanmar form of this pump that costs around $600 to displace. Alternatively We buy a Johnson Pumps F5B-9 that has been designed to bolt towards the crankshaft of a Chevy 350. It was about $175 to buy. It offers a bolt patter near enough to the bolt structure back at my Yanmar’s crank that I became in a position to bolt it up without adjustment. We necessary to build a bracket maintain it from spinning. I built it out of aluminum that I heated and bent and drilled to bolt regarding the front associated with the engine. That was many technical element of going the pump.

Water pump is within and tested and all appears to work good. Today the engine’s electric pieces are separated from a liquid pump leak, although the pump is currently easily accessible for future service. We stored money on replacement easily had tried to change the failing old pump. There are more headaches like i must move a battery bank which was once situated where the brand new pump went, but all in all i do believe this move will probably be worth it and it'll provide me many satisfaction when cruising with my loved ones come july 1st.

Finally done! The new raw water pump attached to the crank using its bracket to avoid it from rotating.

Another two choices for pump positioning are noticeable besides. They are the top left where the aluminum plate is mounted with four bolts, and underneath the alternator from the right. The gear as well as other issues held me personally from utilizing that location.

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