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This might be a differnt one of my personal favorite OPC courses. We understand were those specs must be to help make the strongest motors. Only examine our record.

APBA Nationwide Champion 2004………….. Carl Barrett
APBA Nationwide Champion 2005……………Michael Hodges
APBA National Points Champion 2006…….Carl Barrett
APBA National Champion 2006………….. Carl Barrett
APBA Nationwide Champion 2010……………Tom Kratochwill
APBA National Champion 2010………Denise Telcott, Sport C Marathon

Dynamometer Break-in Service
Strongly suggested. Our test center may do the break-in of motor better plus in more controlled conditions than can be achieved on a boat. This saves your valuable time as your motor is delivered to you with knowledge so it runs precisely and is competition prepared.

Dynamometer Provider (per day charge)…………………$400
Racers may come to your center or ship engines to WPT for Dyno tuning and assessment of many motors in a days time. See which of engines is better and tune the best overall performance regarding every one. Fuels, Jetting, Timing and even Spark Plugs, tend to be things you can now verify with solid data, no further just viewpoint.

Bench Evaluation: Disassemble, evaluate all dimensions and document just. Totally free with Race Prep. Reassemble after cleansing components if additional work is maybe not carried out by WPT. If/As soon as we prepare your competition engine, the aforementioned is not charged. It is part of doing it appropriate. We need to know what you'll need initially.

Dynamometer Break-In Service: Strongly Suggested. Our test center can perform the break-in of engine better and in even more controlled circumstances than can be carried out on a boat. This saves your time as the engine is brought to you with knowledge that it works correctly and it is battle ready.

Dynamometer Service: Racers can come to your facility or ship machines to WPT for Dyno tuning and evaluation of several engines in a days time. See which of one's engines is way better and tune the most effective performance away from each one. Fuels, Jetting, Timing and also Spark Plugs, tend to be things you are now able to confirm with solid information, not simply opinion.

Providing United States With Equipment: You need to provide good parts to get results from and WPT can prepare Quality, Legal Race Engine utilizing techniques acquired from 25 many years of planning race machines. Each motor is prepared to the very best of the ability associated with the parts offered. New parts are suggested when needed. It really is our goal to make every motor, a fantastic engine.

  • Complete Race Prep Service SPORT C – $650.00
  • Block Race Prep – $250.00
  • Deck Block – $40.00
  • Layout & Document – $150.00
  • Machine Head Face – $45.00
  • Hone Cylinder (each cylinder) – .00
  • Bore & Hone Cylinder (each cylinder) – $55.00
  • Re-Sleeve, Finish Bore, & Hone Cylinder (each cylinder) – $210.00
  • Gear Situation Shaping (hourly) – $75.00
  • Bench Evaluation – $250.00
  • TLC Charge – $75.00

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