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Volvo Penta water pump impeller

Unclasp the clamps regarding the motor cover and pull it off the engine. Locate the tensioner pulley, identified by a sizable fan in the heart of it, to alleviate stress on the serpentine belt. Put a socket and a breaker club regarding pulley fan. Change the breaker club downward contrary to the spring pressure and fall off the serpentine belt. Note the routing setup associated with the gear before pulling it well.

Put a drain pan directly beneath the water pump - water pump mounts toward outside the crankshaft pulley, low from the front side regarding the motor. Utilize a screwdriver to loosen the inlet and outlet hoses regarding water pump. Bear in mind which hose pipe goes to which neck fitting. Allow coolant strain to the cooking pan. Push the hoses aside.

Utilize a plug to remove the 2 bolts that hold the bracket on water pump housing after that put the bracket aside. Use a sizable slotted screwdriver to loosen and take away the four screws that hold the liquid pump to your pulley. If they're frozen in place, spray penetrating oil regarding screws and let them soak. After removing the water pump, transform it upside down. Remove the circular ring gasket from the groove. Cleanse the housing area with carburetor cleaner and a gasket scraper, combined with mating area on the pulley.

Go through the impeller inside the liquid pump and notice which means the plastic blades point. You need to put in the new impeller in the same setup. Pull the impeller out from the water pump housing. Gently sand the interior associated with the impeller chamber with 400-grit sandpaper. Pull all scale, burrs and debris. Cleanse it with carburetor cleaner and a rag. Put the new impeller inside the chamber, orienting the blades inside proper path.

Put a fresh gasket ring in the groove from the housing. Drive the gasket ring securely in position to seat it. Align the water increase to the pulley and start the screws in by hand. Finish tightening the screws aided by the slotted screwdriver. Drive the inlet and outlet houses back onto the the water pump nozzle necks. Fasten the hose pipe clamps because of the screwdriver. Position the water pump bracket back to place. Insert the two bracket bolts and tighten these with the socket.

Operate the serpentine gear back through the pulley system. Position the breaker bar and socket onto the tensioner pulley and press the breaker club down. Slip the serpentine buckle right back onto the tensioner pulley and launch pressure on the breaker club. Eliminate the drain pan. Fill the coolant system. Change the engine protect and break the films into location.

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